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We are 2 sisters with lots of experience teaching Chinese online to foreigners. After having worked for big companies we decided we can do a better and more personal job on teaching.

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One-On-One Chinese Lessons Online

We offer custom-made classes, for the purpose the student desires and in the pace that suits the student. Whether you want a few classes to learn some basics for a holiday or you want some extra tutoring to prepare for a test, with our flexible approach we put you, our student, first.

Our Philosophy

Anytime and Anywhere at your convenience!

We offer the best quality,with a personal approach and high service for a decent price.

Our Mission

Create a good Chinese learning environment!

Learn Chinese in an easy and fun way!

Our Services

We will always put your needs first. Join us and learn Chinese anytime and anywhere at your convenience.

Chinese for Kids

We create a Chinese learning environment with pictures, riddles, stories, movies, cartoons, games etc.

Chinese for Adults

We focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing. Many daily topics are covered in the class, such as ordering food, asking the way.

Chinese Test-Prep

We will help you get a pass card of the Chinese test you are preparing for. HSK, HSKK, YCT,AP,GCSE, IB Chinese Test.

Survival Chinese

It covers basic topics in daily life. We will help you get ready for your short trip in China,You will learn how to survive in China.

Business Chinese

We will help you learn some basic Chinese business etiquetteand learn how to negotiate business with Chinese.

Chinese Culture

Interested in Chinese calligraphy, shadow play, facial makeup, martial arts? You will find the answer here.

Our Team

EnjoyChineseLearning is a platform that you can find experienced Chinese teachers and have your custom-made Chinese lessons.

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She has been working in teaching Chinese as a foreign language for 6 years. She is popular with students for her flexible teaching style with fun.

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With 4 years on-line teaching experience, she has been teaching hundreds of students at different age and from different countries. 

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With 5 years Chinese teaching experience, two years overseas teaching experience. She is good at making complicated things easier.

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She has been teaching Chinese for 3 years with passion. She makes herself master of Chinese language and culture.

Our Pricing Plan

20 Lessons


At Least One Lesson Per Week

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30 Lessons


At Least Two Lesson Per Week

Personalized Study Plan

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50 Lessons


At Least Two Lesson Per Week

Personalized Study Plan

Monthly Progress Report

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Client Testimonial

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Antonio Sanchez-Monge

Solutions Engineer, Contrail Business Unit, Juniper Networks

Lilian speaks very good English but my son does not, so there was no language in common. However, the incredible personality and skills of Lilian allowed the lessons to be a success. My son learned quickly, he now has great pronunciation, can have a basic conversation in Mandarin and write a few characters, which is quite impressive for such a young boy.Highly recommended!

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我的老师一直是Delia。对Delia我非常满意。第一,中国,东南亚都有很多口音。我知道Delia的口音其实很标准。第二,她的课又有作用又有意思。第三,跟Delia上课很方便,因为她可以安排上课我有空的时候。对我来说,这样特别重要因为我的节目平常太忙了。第四,除了上课,Delia也总是愿意给我帮忙。如果我有问题,我就发给她信息,她然后马上回答。第五,Enjoy Chinese Learning 的课不贵。

如果你们对学中文热情,感兴趣,就试一试Enjoy Chinese Learning 吧。成语说,《学如登山》 ~ 但是别怕,Enjoy Chinese Learning 的老师都能给你们帮忙爬山。成语还有说,《师父领进门,修行在个人进来》。那,进来~ 加油!

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I have been taking one-on-one Mandarin lessons with different teachers in very famous Chinese schools and also famous internet Chinese learning institutes. I have enjoyed lessons with many excellent Chinese teachers who helped me to achieve a decent spoken and written level of Mandarin. Delia ranks among the top Chinese teachers that I have met during my years of learning. I am not living in China but want to maintain my level of Chinese to communicate with my Chinese friends that I made in the past. For this reason I keep up my lessons with Delia. Every lesson we talk about different subjects to broaden my Chinese knowledge. Delia shows a lot of patience and understanding as I keep forgetting a lot of words. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of Chinese and in many areas of life. With Delia you will also learn about the people and the culture of China and she has a great ability to explain complicated grammar in simple terms.

I highly recommend Delia to anybody who wants to learn or brush up their Chinese. Why learn from a school that is much more expensive and offers mediocre teachers if you have a chance to learn with Delia?

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"Nihao" is probably the first Chinese word most foreigners learnt. Join us to learn more!

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Why are you learning Chinese?

I'm learning Chinese because I love Chinese culture.I want to travel in China.

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